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Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer/ Paw Cleaner

The medium MudBuster is perfectly sized for medium sized dogs: it measures 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide to use, add a little water, insert the muddy paw, do the twist, dab the paw dry, repeat for 3 more paws The gentle silicone bristles will help remove dirt and mud from your dog’s paws- keeping the mess in the MudBuster and not in your house. Keep the MudBuster handy after trips to the park, after walks or hikes, or by your backdoor.

IRIS Pet Water Fountain for Cats & Dogs 1.3 Quart

Make your pet’s trip to get a drink even more refreshing with this filtered pet drinking fountain! The BPA free pet fountain has a silent, submersible pump that sends a steady flow of water out through the spout to the pet water bowl for your pet to enjoy. Excess water falls back into the water tank and flows through the filter, ensuring that when it is pumped back out your pet receives fresh, clean water every time. The refillable water tank holds 5. 5 cups of water, and the 11 foot extra-long power cord makes it easy to place the cat and dog drinking fountain wherever you need it. Water fountain for pets can be used with or without the included spout. The stylish design of the animal water fountain fits in with any décor And water cycles through continuously yet silently so the sound isn’t obtrusive. The automatic drinking fountain for pets is the perfect accessory for keeping your furry friend hydrated and happy.

IRIS USA (586680) 24” 4 Panel Exercise Pet Playpen with Door, White Cl-604E

The easy-access IRIS 24” Exercise 4-panel pet playpen with door is perfect for puppies, extra small to medium sized dogs and other family pets. Use it as an indoor dog fence, play gate, dog play yards, or dog exercise pens. The portable playpen for dog provides 8 square feet of play space for pets. Each panel of the IRIS playpen measures 33.6″ W x 24″ H, doors are 14.5” W x 16.5” H and the distance between bars is 1.7”. Built-in locks on the pet pen door twist to open for easy pet entry. The durable molded indoor pet pen will last for years. Pet pens can be positioned in different shapes to best suit your space capacity and pet’s needs. The plastic panel on the dog playpen with door securely snaps together to keep your pet inside. The panels for dog exercise pen with door also feature a non-skid rubber foot to protect flooring.

IRIS USA Nmp-S Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

The IRIS Premium Airtight Pet Food Storage Container is the perfect solution to store dry pet food. The airtight sealed storage container locks in freshness and keeps moisture, humidity, and pests out. The snap-tight latch confirms that the lid is shut tight, while the wide lid offers easy access for scooping dry pet food. The plastic food container features a translucent body to quickly check content levels. This rolling container can be also used as a charcoal container or wood chip storage. Made in the USA. Entire Unit: 18.5 x 13.6 x 22.9 Inches and Inside: 15.75 x 12.25 x 19 Inches.

MalsiPree Dog Poop Bag Holder Leash Attachment

Compared to plastic poop bag holder with screw cap, MalsiPree ones made of fabric with zipper closure, will never be crack or apart during walking, and no annoying noise, dangling or bouncing at all. After 3 months survey, we developed this bag based on buyers’ comment, now the bag made of durable fabric, bottom will not apart, and change to metal carabiner clip which is more flexible and durable. Together with the poop bag dispenser, you will receive a metal buckle and a Velcro strap for attaching. No matter what style of leash you have, or wherever you want to attach it, the clip and adjustable strap is ready to fit.

Rabbitgoo Cat Harness and Leash for Walking, Escape Proof Soft Adjustable Vest Harnesses for Cats

Now, your indoor cat can bravely explore the outdoor world with the maximum comfort and safety. Placing a harness on your cat is not only ideal for walking, exercising, or going on a trip, but it’s also a great idea any time you’re taking your sensitive kid to an unfamiliar place, like the vet or groomer. The harness is made of premium pet-safe materials, so your cat will wear it like a champ. All of the features are thoughtfully designed for a secured and comfortable wearing experience.

ZippyPaws – Donutz Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Delicious doesn’t even begin to cover it. Treat your dog with one of ZippyPaws’ iconic toys; the Donutz! Endless entertainment doesn’t have to break the bank. Made with quality material that can last longer than other dog toys, and of course ZippyPaws provides an extra cuteness factor! The durability is great for tug-of-war, and its bouncy nature leads to never-ending fetches. Oh, and this easy to chew round toy contains two exclusive crescent squeakers to ensure your puppy can have a “squeakin’ good time” on their own or with you.

ZippyPaws – Z-Stitch Grunterz Durable Stuffed Squeaky Dog Toy

These tough toys are inspired by the coolest prehistoric animals. Reinforced stitching stands up against sharp teeth and are perfect for any dog, large or small. No stuffing means no clean up, and noisy squeakers are sure to keep your dog’s interest for hours of fun play.